A Trip To The House | FOOD |

The Few hours I spent at the house was memorable, although I wasn’t allowed to take alot of photos due to some “policies” but after having a conversation with Mr Josh I was granted permission although at that time I was filled up, I could barely stand, do you know why? No? Keep reading… The […]

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A Prime Visit| FOOD |

I’ve always wanted to try out Chinese food for a long while now, I’ve been craving special fried rice for a long while. Welcome back to RBJ it’s been so long and I sincerely apologize for going off on you, thank you for still liking and commenting, I love you all… Happy New Month, may […]

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Hi from me to you…

Hello welcome back and thank you for sticking with me despite my inconsistency, today I would be writing about friendship and how you can be friends beyond expectations, and thankfully today’s Wednesday, I’d also like to use this opportunity to thank every girl supporting and inspiring me(us)… I hope your Wednesday is going really well? […]

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A day at Fruitizz Lagos

It was a great pleasure when I got invited to the coolest yet 100% natural “All things sweet” store. And if you know me, you’d know I’m all for minimalism, and this store sell the most affordable pastries, did I forget to mention they have the best customer service? I only hope they remain the […]

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